Boardwalk Boutique Hotel – Aruba

Boardwalk Boutique Hotel – Aruba

Set amid a coconut grove, Boardwalk Boutique Hotel Aruba is a brief walk to the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. The new hotel chose Sika Design products from several collections as centerpieces and accents to its funky and playful take on modern Caribbean style. From Renoir Swings on the porches to Monet Chairs and Roger Stools in the living rooms to Charlot Chairs and Woven Basket Lamps in the dining areas, Sika Design's versatile pieces infuse the space with panache.

Woman seated in an Exterior Renoir Swing in Dove White. The powder-coated aluminum frame and polyethylene bindings hold up in the Caribbean humidity.

Two Monet Chairs in antique finish add a natural feel to the eclectic guest rooms. Placed between them is a Roger Stool made of suar wood.

Charlot Chairs are cozier than traditional dining chairs, with an angled back and swooping arms. Topping off this dining set is the bamboo bask lamp, handwoven to look like the chicken baskets in Southeast Asian markets.

Photos: Courtesy Boardwalk Boutique Hotel