Jean Pauchard France (1913-2009)

Born in 1913, Jean Pauchard is the grandson of Xavier Pauchard, the founder of Tolix. At the death of his father in 1948, he became the company CEO and created new pieces of furniture that were still rooted in the family's iconic history of design.

Jean's made his own name in the 1930s with the 55 Table's robust solidity and immediately-recognizable tapered legs in 100% steel. The 55 Table has successfully traversed the years and is still an elegant and timeless reference in the design world.

In 1956, Jean designed an arm chair to go with the Chaise A chair by his father. Based on the Chaise A, he named the arm chair A56. Over 50 years later, the A56 arm chair is one of the most influential metal furniture pieces of our time.