Customer's Own Material

Designerie offers Customer's Own Material (COM) ordering for cushions and pillows. When instructed by your account manager, please follow these steps to ensure your order is placed and processed quickly.


1. Fill out this form.

2. Sidemark each roll of fabric with your Company Name, Project Name, Purchase Order #, and Designerie Sales Order #.

3. Include a copy of this completed COM form, which will be emailed to you after you submit, with your shipment.

4. Ship all COM fabric, freight prepaid, to:

2650 4th Ave E, Suite 100
Shakopee, MN 55379
Phone: 866-910-7452


  • Each COM fabric must be included in your form submission or your order will not be acknowledged and your account charged a $50 processing fee. If you are submitting more than 5 fabrics, you will need to fill out an additional form.
  • Fabric shipped to the incorrect address will be charged a $50 redirection fee and the cost of freight of the fabric.
  • Unless specific instructions are provided, all fabric is applied by the factory at their discretion without liability for doing so.
  • Fabric remaining in our possession for a period of 30 days without a PO will become property of Design Holdings LLC.
  • By entering your name below, you are acknowledging that the information on this form is correct.