As one Scandinavia’s oldest producers of rattan and wicker furniture, Sika Design takes pride in guaranteeing the highest levels of quality, comfort and sustainability in all of their products. Every one of their pieces is handled with care and passion, from the conception phase performed by some of the best furniture designers in the world – including the revival of many classic pieces by mid-century designers – to the thoughtful manufacturing process taking place in their own factories in Indonesia.


Teak is known for its high strength and durability. Due to the natural oil content, the wood is very resistant to conditions such as wind, insects, and rot. All our teak products are labeled with "Indonesian Legal Wood" which ensures that the wood has been sourced responsibly and can be traced back to the original sender at any time. Our outdoor teak products are made from new teak from plantations overseen by the Indonesian government, ensuring that no tree too immature or too small is harvested. Our indoor teak products are made from reclaimed teak that appears with repairs and fillings adding a rustic look to the furniture. This teak wood is collected from sources such as old houses, boats, and railways.


Consideration for the environment affects which items are put into production, our choice of materials, how they are processed, and how the furniture is packaged and transported. Collections and products have been retired when we have felt that we could not meet our new sustainability standard. We have always been dedicated to these ideals and have worked systematically with them since 2013. Therefore, together with our sister company, we were the first furniture companies in Denmark to obtain an ISO14001 certification.

Passion for Rattan

Sika-Design is a Danish family company from 1942. With a passion for rattan, we manufacture timeless furniture in both our own designs and in designs by some of the world’s greatest architects. Rattan is often confused with bamboo, but unlike hollow bamboo, rattan is a solid material. This makes rattan highly bendable and can therefore be transformed into the most amazing shapes. The fact that rattan is a solid material makes rattan furniture very durable and able to last for generations.