Bistro Chairs

The bistro chair dates back to the 1800s and is often synonymous with rattan French cafe or bistro chairs, the Tolix A chair, or Michael Thonet's bentwood chairs. 


Rattan Bistro Chairs

The bistro chair's natural habitat is the Parisian bistro or brasserie and they have become a symbol of the Parisian identity. Chairs used in French bistros have always been made with a natural rattan frame, an import from French colonial empires in Asia. The chair's rattan frame is sturdy and light which makes them the perfect fit for French sidewalk terrasse as the chairs are carried inside every night and moved around during the day to accommodate guests. Maison Drucker, which was founded in 1885, still makes rattan bistro chairs today and is one of the last French manufacturers. 

Rattan is sustainable wood as it is the fastest growing tropical wood and regenerates every 5-7 years.

Our rattan bistro chairs by Sika Design are a fresh scandinavian design interpretation of the classic. They are sturdy enough for contract and hospitality restaurants and cafes and designed well enough for you home's kitchen. Our rattan bistro chairs are made from the finest Malacca cane frames that are hand bent and then the back and seat is hand woven using a premium Art-Fibre (the same material used on the bottom of snow skis).


Metal Bistro Chairs

The metal bistro chairs popular today also originated in France with Mr. Edouard Leclerc registered a patent for his folding bistro chair in 1889, and TOLIX®'s authentic A was created by Xavier Pauchard in 1927. Icons of industrial design, our metal bistro chairs are


Commercial Bistro Chairs

All or our chairs are rated for contract and hospitality use. You will find our chairs in upper end cafes, brasseries, bistros and restaurants in cities throughout the world. Our brands are the leaders in handcrafted bistro chairs and many offer a variety of customization options (Fabrication sur mesure) including custom colors, weaves and frame sizes.